Scheduled Infrastructure Change for Fruitfulujah

With this notification we would like to inform you about a scheduled infrastructure change at the data center where our site is hosted. As part of the infrastructure change, our server will be moved to a brand new facility. The scheduled date for the physical move of your server is Sunday, September 21, 2014.

The new facility is a state of the art data center featuring:

  • Upgraded network topology, capacity, and throughput
  • Upgraded storage network and capacity
  • Upgraded redundancy and availability options
  • Enterprise-class security to protect your assets
  • State-of-the-art on-site NOC staffed 24/7/365

The time frame for the server move is:

  • From: 1:00 AM CDT on Sunday, September 21
  • To: 07:00 AM CDT on Sunday, September 21
  • Expected downtime: up to 4 hours

We strongly recommend that you postpone any activities on your site(s) on the day the server move takes place in order to avoid service interruptions and data loss caused by it.

Lead at Fruitfulujah Project. I consult, teach and help people build fruitful Internet projects. Every post I write, site I build, and podcast I make has 1# simple rule: “make it simple for everyday users”. Also, a regular guest on Radio Benue FM95 ICT WORLD Show.

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