Happy New Year 2015

Your friends at Fruitfulujah would like to wish you a glorious, rewarding and productive new year. Around the office, this means a chance at a new beginning.

We thank you for supporting this project and for staying with us throughout 2014. You indeed watched us grow into a budding web business that we are today.

It is indeed right to continue to desireĀ  the best for you, your friends and family in this New Year.

We will continue to build your websites, take your businesses to the Internet, teach you how to be successful on-line, manage and secure your online projects, so that you can concentrate on what you are good at.

Leave the technicalities to us.

Happy New Year 2015!

Lead at Fruitfulujah Project. I consult, teach and help people build fruitful Internet projects. Every post I write, site I build, and podcast I make has 1# simple rule: “make it simple for everyday users”. Also, a regular guest on Radio Benue FM95 ICT WORLD Show.

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