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Thousands more WordPress tweakers and developers joined WordPress Development StackExchange last year – 15,000, in fact, bringing the total to 45,000. Stats for 2014 posted on the site last week reveal the question and answer site go 17 million page views last year. Users submitted 14,000 new questions and 13,000 new answers. WP Tavern’s Sarah Gooding interviewed WPSE moderator Andrey Savchenko on the site’s culture and ethos.

And more stats!’s year in review reveals some impressive numbers. There were 18,300,771 new blog last year (up 12.5% from 2013), and 555,782,547 total posts – that’s 1.5 millions posts a day.

As we mentioned earlier in the week, WordPress tweaking service Elto has suspended its services. Post Status takes another look at where the company is headed.

WP Engine has announced password protection for sites in development so you can control who previews you site before it goes live.

The WP RSS Aggregator project is looking for translators to translate the core plugin and add-ons into several languages.

Webloggerz has teamed up with EngineThemes for a special offer on the theme shop’s theme package.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

With more than 20,000 sales worldwide, Visual Composer is easily CodeCanyon’s best selling plugin. In our latest review, we put the drag and drop product to the test.

Find great images for your posts, and get tips on how to use images effectively, at Elegant Themes.

If you work from home in your pajamas (or even no pants at all), this post is for you. WebDevStudios offers some tips on how to stay healthy while working from home.

Have you developed a mobile strategy for your business? AppPresser offers some advice on what you should consider and then, of course, suggests getting a mobile app for your site.


WP Beginner picks its favorite (and must-have) plugins for 2015.

Easy Footnotes, Single Background and Idea Factory are just some of the latest plugins to join the WordPress Plugin Repository. WebDesignerDepot looks at some other highlights for this month.

Herschel is a new Builder theme by the folks at iThemes that’s aimed a photographer and artists.

WP Explorer rounds up 30 new premium themes from December.

Hack your functions.php file with these simple WordPress snippets at Hongkiat that let you do things like change the length of excerpts and disable links from user comments.

Programmed to Love

How To: Increase Your Mailing List with Premium Opt-in WordPress Plugins (WP Lift).

Why and How to Use Class Autoloading and Namespacing to Improve WordPress Development (Torque).
Options for 301 Redirects in WordPress (tuts+).

How To Check if a WordPress Term Has a Child (Tom McFarlin).

Programmatically Assign Menus To Theme Locations In WordPress (Paul Underwood).

Universal Language

Vox took some of 2014’s biggest news stories and translated them… into emoji. See how many can you translate back into English.

Finally, here’s a Buzzfeed video (of all things) to help put your existence into perspective.

All the best for a cool Wednesday.

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