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“The goal with the new Post Status is to provide useful and informative free content for everyone, but go above and beyond for members.” Brian Krogsgard has relaunched Post Status with a new design ahead of plans to add a new members area to his WordPress news site.

WordPress for Android 3.5 has been released with updates to the app design, and smaller improvements like mentions auto completion in comments and a redesigned the media grid on tablets.

The folks who manage the Advanced WordPress Facebook group are planning an offshoot website. Matt Cromwell, who administers the group, says WP Engine has donated hosting and Devin Walker from WordImpress has designed it, they’re just stuck on building the site. WP Tavern’s Jeff Chandler takes a look at the ethos behind AWP, and says his highlight from an unscheduled Q&A by Matt Mullenweg was finding out he like McDonald’s. (Scroll to the comments in the link to find out more about the AWP website.)

iThemes has announced updates to iThemes Security, including new file permission checks and the ability to allow multiple two-factor authentication app passwords.

If you’re still not on top of the EU VAT legislation and how it affects you, Torque have a fantastic rundown on how the changes to selling digital products affects WordPress users.

The Theme Foundry has a new Community Manager. Former WPMU DEV writer Melissa Hill is hanging out in the site’s held center and looking after social media.

Happy Joe will hold its first WP Boot Camp in San Antonio, TX on January 23. The non-profit organization helps US military veterans re-enter the workforce through training in WordPress and web technology.
Crystal Ball

Envato has made seven UX predictions for the year ahead, including the proliferation of testing, that we’ll pay less attention to time-on-site, and that consumer mobile use will ultimately takeover desktop web usage. Oh, and hamburgers. Menus, that is.

Show your support for the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris with the Je suis Charlie plugin, which places a black ribbon with the words “#JeSuisCharlie”on the top right corner of your website. It links to the hashtag.

Better Search Replace is a new plugin for updating URLs and text in WordPress databases. WP Tavern gives it a test run.

Beckett is a new, elegant content-focused theme by the guys at Theme Trust.

WooThemes checks out six free tools for building eCommerce landing pages.

And WP Kube looks at how to use the Nelio A/B Testing plugin for conversion rate optimization and creating heatmaps specifically designed for WordPress.

Quick and Dirty

A Quick (and in-Depth) Guide to WordPress Hooks (WPMU DEV).

How to Add Custom After Post Widgets in WordPress (WP Beginner).

How To Monetize Your WordPress Website Using Adsense (Elegant Themes).

Adding Deposits & Partial Payments to a WooCommerce Site (WP Mayor).

Check To See if a WordPress Post Has a Term (Tom McFarlin).


“Unfortunately, when the last leap second was added back in 2012, more than a few sites had trouble keeping pace. As reported by Phys.org, Foursquare, Reddit, LinkedIn, and StumbledUpon all crashed when the leap second ticked unexpectedly into place.” On June 30th at precisely 23:59:59, the world’s atomic clocks will pause for a single second. The phenomenon is forcing web engineers to create workarounds, as The Verge explains.

Lastly, Noel Tock from Human Made has published his 2015 predictions for WordPress and writes that we’ll see a diversity of custom dashboards, front-end editing will become the norm, and that it’s time for the community to become decentralized (shock horror!). Food for thought.

All the best for an inspiring Thursday.


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