How to Launch a Website with Visitors the Very First Day – Intro

How many people want to launch a website with visitors the very first day?


Yet, many people spend hours or even months designing their perfect website or project, even arguing over web copy… only to launch the perfect, brand new, beautiful website to the sound of crickets. We don’t want you to be like one of them.

In this series you will learn how to launch a website with visitors the very first day. This can be achieved. It is not a hoax.

You will have 4 short episodes in this series.  So, subscribe to The Fruitfulujah Podcast to get everything.

I have seen countless websites launched with fanfare only to be closed down after months of trickled traffic. It has happened to many of my projects. 🙁 Don’t let that happen to you. You can launch a website with visitors the very first day if you are willing to take the right steps.

Knowing the right thing to do can be difficult if you don’t have anyone to guide you. So, let us be your guide. We’ll give you a step by step procedure to help you meet your goal.

That sounds interesting right? Good!

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Lead at Fruitfulujah Project. I consult, teach and help people build fruitful Internet projects. Every post I write, site I build, and podcast I make has 1# simple rule: “make it simple for everyday users”. Also, a regular guest on Radio Benue FM95 ICT WORLD Show.

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