The Best WordPress Plugins Since the Dawn of Time

You’ve read the best WordPress plugins of 2015 posts, but this is something totally new. This is the best plugins post to end all plugins posts. Get ready.

Source: The Best WordPress Plugins Since the Dawn of Time

This is not the usual WordPress review posts that you find on web usually done by affiliate marketers, simply because they want you buy so that they can make a profit out of you. If you are looking for a post that takes a look at the “best of the best” of WordPress plugins then you should read this post I have linked above.

There  are thousands of WordPress plugins, and choosing the right plugin for the right job is a tall order. Sometimes, one can simply get confused because they don’t know which among them is the best.

I have been there. 🙁

Take a look at these collections of the best WordPress plugins that you can use to set up your site. You can expand these list made by Rob Neu of if you have other plugins not mentioned in the post.

WordPress plugins expands the function a WordPress site. Choosing  poorly written WordPress plugins can slow down or even break your website. With the test conducted by Rob Neu before making his list, I am assure you will be making the right choice if you choose to work with any of the WordPress plugins he has picked.

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