How To Leverage Facebook Groups To Sell Your Digital Product

Facebook Groups has created unique ways to engage targeted group of people with unique content to grow your business. Interestingly, every digital entrepreneur can leverage its power to sell their digital product.

A lot of people use Facebook Groups these days, ignoring them is ignoring its vast benefits.

In today’s episode of the Fruitfulujah Podcast, we looked at how to leverage the power of Facebook Groups to sell your digital product.

Once, again I have Vicky Law on the show.

Vicky Law is a legal practitioner, product development consultant, graphic designer and a social media junkie. She has a lot of experience in digital product creation and marketing. Her experience in managing successful Facebook groups is her selling point. You have to listen to her.

A lot of people use Facebook Groups these days, ignoring them is ignoring its vast benefits. Click To Tweet

We have covered everything from:

  • how to create a group
  • how to manage Facebook groups
  • how to add members to your group
  • how to weed out a bloated and ineffective group to make it more effective.
  • how to sell to the members of the group without selling at all
  • and more….

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Click the button below to listen to this episode, or download it to your portable device. Remember to leave a comment below after listening.

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