Membership Site: as Featured on Huffington Post

I know a lot about membership sites and many of you know that. 🙂 I have recorded several episodes of my podcasts on membership sites. I have taken a step further and collected all the episodes that I have recorded into a paid course on my site called Membership SimplifiedThat is re-purposing?

That aside…

Today, I featured on Huffington Post, and I talked about how to run a profitable and engaging membership site. The post offers a lot of useful tips on setting up a Membership that I would love that you read it.

I had a chat with Vicky Law on the topic, and she beautifully converted what I said into an easy to read post on Huffinton.

I will love to read your views and comments about the post.

Follow the link below read the post.
What You Need to Know About Running a Profitable and Engaging Membership Site – What This Membership Site Expert Learned on His Journey

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2 comments on “Membership Site: as Featured on Huffington Post
  1. Manasseh Ahumbe says:

    This is a pretty nice article.
    I don’t understand much about membership site but this conversation has given some tips about what membership is all about.
    What I do know is that, good content is very important to keep your subscribers.
    1. Your contents should be relevant and good enough to give a practical direction to problem-solving.
    2. Current and consistency of your content is very important, because this can keep your subscribers away from going after your competitors.
    3. Your contents should always be interesting, no subscriber would want to waste his/her time on a membership site that has uninteresting contents.

  2. Sefa says:

    Thanks for sharing Manasseh! 🙂

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