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I know a lot¬†about membership sites and many of you know that. ūüôā I have recorded several episodes of my podcasts¬†on membership sites. I have taken a step further and collected all the episodes that I have recorded into a paid course on my site called Membership Simplified.¬†That is re-purposing?

That aside…

Today, I featured on Huffington Post, and I talked about how to run a profitable and engaging membership site. The post offers a lot of useful tips on setting up a Membership that I would love that you read it.

I had a chat with Vicky Law on the topic, and she beautifully converted what I said into an easy to read post on Huffinton.

I will love to read your views and comments about the post.

Follow the link below read the post.
What You Need to Know About Running a Profitable and Engaging Membership Site – What This Membership Site Expert Learned on His Journey

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