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How to Secure Your Site with The Green Padlock

If your site don’t have the green padlock it may mean it is not secured with a valid SSL certificate. The green padlock  shown at the top left of your browser indicates that your website is secure. Since January 2017, Google has

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The Benefits of a SSL Certficate to Your WordPress Site

SSL (secure Socket Layer) certificate provides encrypted communication between two computers. A websites with an encrypted communication (https) protects its business, and has the safety of her customers at heart. And, you know customers love that. Learn how to get a free

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8 Ways a Site is Hacked. 7 Ways to Prevent Attack!

Security is one of the most lonely words in the world. People hardly talk about security until their site is hacked or their information compromised. I intend to take a look at 8 Ways a  Site is Hacked, and 7

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