How to Launch a Successful Podcast – Dayo Samuel

Podcast  has taken Nigeria like a storm the same way blogging did a few years ago. At least one successful podcast is released every month. More often than it used to be.

There are many podcasts offering on-demand audio content on a regular basis today. A few years ago, this was not the case.

Yet, there are people who don’t understand what the noise is all about.

Any new thing that comes into Nigeria there is always lot of hype about it. Many embraced blogging wrong. They understood little about it.  Blogging has left a bitter taste in their months. While others are celebrating their gains.

Podcast is no different. Many have embraced it again. But are they doing it right?

In today’s episode of the Fruitfulujah Podcast, we looked at “How to Launch a Successful Podcast the Right Way“.

Podcast has taken Nigeria like a storm the same way blogging did a few years ago. Click To Tweet

Dayo Samuel is my guest on the show. He is the Founder of  the Nigeria Podcasters Network(NPN) group on Facebook. He teaches entrepreneurs how to magnetize, mesmerize and monetize their audience using podcast.  He hosts the podcast.

We covered questions like:

  • What is a podcast?
  • How to launch a podcast the right way?
  • What least requirements you  need to launch a successful podcast?
  • How to monetize a podcast?
  • and more!

If you have a show or you want to have one, then you should listen to this episode. Also, my early bird special for Membership Site Simplified is available for you.

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Lead at Fruitfulujah Project. I consult, teach and help people build fruitful Internet projects. Every post I write, site I build, and podcast I make has 1# simple rule: "make it simple for everyday users". Also, a regular guest on Radio Benue FM95 ICT WORLD Show.

14 comments on “How to Launch a Successful Podcast – Dayo Samuel
  1. Done listening to the podcast. Honestly, The leading authority, Dayo Samuel simplifies how to monetize your podcast with an acronym, do you care to know this? then follow the Link in the above post. i tell you listening to the podcast worth your time as it worth mine as a podcaster. Thumbs up big boss Sefa Tsegha and thank you for this, you rock.

  2. Sefa Tsegha says:

    Hi Jimoh! Thank you very much for stopping by. You are the best 🙂

  3. Dayo Samuel says:

    It was really a great time I had on your podcast, Sefa. Thanks for having me, I enjoyed every bit of it.

    And yes, podcasting has come to stay in Nigeria.

    • Sefa Tsegha says:

      I really had a great time, too. It was lovely having on the show. Though the technical hitches, the audio quality still stands out. That’s amazing.

      Looking forward to having you again and again, Dayo!

  4. Manasseh says:

    Mr Dayo is good, I have enjoyed the podcast because it is educative.

    • Sefa Tsegha says:

      Thank you Manasseh. I will always do my best to bring on guests that are good and can freely impart that knowledge to many.

      By God’s grace, it’s possible. Take care.

    • Dayo Samuel says:

      Thank you Manasseh, glad you enjoyed the podcast. If you have any questions, I’ll be here to answer.

  5. Sefa Tsegha says:

    Wow, that’s great. Thank you Dayo. I appreciate.

  6. Awesome Felix says:

    I’m starting to love podcasts now

  7. Jenom says:

    Thanks a bunch Sefa and Dayo for the push. After listening I am considering starting a podcast.

    • Sefa Tsegha says:

      Thank you Jenom for leaving a comment.

      Starting a podcast is a good thing to do. I offer podcast editing and mastering service on my site. If you need assistance you can let me know.

  8. Ife says:

    Hello Sega,
    Thanks for this episode. I have two questions please, if this thread is still active hopefully.

    1) the link to Mr. Dayo’s tutorial was not included as promised or probably things have shifted overtime? ‘Cause I know I am late, this was two years ago. takes me to something different from this topic.

    2) In a recording such as this, how did you record? Were you both physically present? Recording a phone call? Or how,pls?

    I’d appreciate your response. Thanks

    • Sefa Tsegha says:

      Thank you Ife for stopping by and drawing my attention to this thread.

      The links where removed when Dayo’s site was blacklisted by Google for malicious applications hosted on it. Someone hacked his site. I removed the links for security reasons. Unfortunately, I forgot to replace them after I helped him clear the issue on his site and with Google.

      I have tried the and it took me to a different page. You can reach him directly for comments here: .

      About the recording, I wanted quality so I went for it. 🙂

      Dayo recorded his voice in his computer software and I recorded my voice in mine, while we talked over the phone. After the recording, he forwarded his voice recording to me and I synchronized his recording with mine in my software. Since he is an experienced podcast host, it was very easy to pull that out together. He lives in Lagos while I live in Benue.

      That was how this episode and several other once were done on this site.

      If you need further clarification, let me know.