Podcasting is tough! That is why I launched Podcast.i.ng 

Podcasting is tough. Yes it is. Even if you follow the best advice available and create a killer show, it’s still a slow climb. Most podcasts end up fizzling out over time. So you need help. Not any kind of help my friend, but the right kind. This is fact:

“So much in podcasting has changed in the past 10 years. Unfortunately, much of what is written on the web about podcasting—stuff that continues to rank high in search results— is flat out wrong. Maybe it used to be right, but no matter how well-intentioned, it continues to lead new podcasters astray.” Josh Muccio

That is why I created Podcast.i.ng, a curated weekly newsletter on podcast: from pre-production to post-production, and everything in-between. Podcast.i.ng is about gathering the best information, pooling the best knowledge on the web for better podcasting. You don’t have to pay arm and leg to get such information.

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I don’t teach people how to podcast. I don’t have a course on how to podcast, and my podcast is not about how to podcast. Podcast.i.ng is the community, not me.

You can contribute to this project by:

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