How to Find a Podcast Niche in 2017 – Samuel Adeoye

Find a podcast niche in 2017 so you could be heard. The podcasting market is new, however shows are springing up on a daily basis. If you are a podcaster, you should find a podcast niche.

Many people have embraced podcasting as a new way of connecting with their clients. And 2017 has promise to see more podcasters joining the new trend, especially here in Nigeria. Read more ›

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Backup is Not an Option: 7 Ways to Backup Your Site

Should you backup your site or not? Backup is not an option. It is a must.

Most people hardly talk about backup until disaster occurs. It ought not to be so. When you make plans to set up any website, you should think of backup as part of the project from the first stage.
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Interview: Sefa Tsegha, The Host of the Fruitfulujah Podcast.

I granted an interview to Promise Excel on his blog about Podcasting. I will love you to read it. 🙂 Read more ›

Top 5 Domain Registrars That Makes an Online Entrepreneur’s Life Easier

Have you ever heard the preaching about the best domain registrars to register a domain for your business?

You know Internet marketers with their crazy hypes. They make it look like it is the hallmark for online business success.

Well in a way, they are right. I support this agitation hook, line, and sinker. It is the first step towards growing your online business to the point it is successful. Read more ›

The Benefits of a SSL Certficate to Your WordPress Site

SSL (secure Socket Layer) certificate provides encrypted communication between two computers. A websites with an encrypted communication (https) protects its business, and has the safety of her customers at heart. And, you know customers love that.

Learn how to get a free SSL certificate on your website.
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How Technology Has Simplified Job Search – Segun Akiode

Job search is a tough job already! The sad thing about it is that, you won’t get paid for doing this kind of job. It is had work to use traditional methods of job search in the 21st century with little  or no results.

Has technology done anything to make the job search process a lot more easier? Read more ›

10 Blogging Mistakes You are Making – Sam Adeyinka

Blogging mistakes.  You have to fix them if you want to stay a top the game. However, how can you fix them if you don’t  know what they are?

I have you covered! Read more ›

Membership Site: as Featured on Huffington Post

I know a lot about membership sites and many of you know that. 🙂 I have recorded several episodes of my podcasts on membership sites. I have taken a step further and collected all the episodes that I have recorded into a paid course on my site called Membership SimplifiedThat is re-purposing?

That aside…

Today, I featured on Huffington Post, and I talked about how to run a profitable and engaging membership site. The post offers a lot of useful tips on setting up a Membership that I would love that you read it. Read more ›

How to Launch a Successful Podcast – Dayo Samuel

Podcast  has taken Nigeria like a storm the same way blogging did a few years ago. At least one successful podcast is released every month. More often than it used to be. Read more ›

How To Leverage Facebook Groups To Sell Your Digital Product

Facebook groups

Facebook Groups has created unique ways to engage targeted group of people with unique content to grow your business. Interestingly, every digital entrepreneur can leverage its power to sell their digital product.

A lot of people use Facebook Groups these days, ignoring them is ignoring its vast benefits. Read more ›