Your Site Needs an SSL Certificate

You have just finished the website you are working on, however, does it have a SSL Certificate installed on it? If no is your answer, then you have not finished yet. Seriously! In January 2017, Chrome version 56 began marking

Podcasting is tough! That is why I launched 

Podcasting is tough. Yes it is. Even if you follow the best advice available and create a killer show, it’s still a slow climb. Most podcasts end up fizzling out over time. So you need help. Not any kind of

How to Secure Your Site with The Green Padlock

If your site don’t have the green padlock it may mean it is not secured with a valid SSL certificate. The green padlock  shown at the top left of your browser indicates that your website is secure. Since January 2017, Google has


Earn Extra Income with Fumnanya Bernard

Freelance mastery is a great way to make extra income no matter the state of the economy. A Freelance is a self-employed person available to work. She works or can work for many companies or employers. She is usually hired

The Right Approach to Website Development – Jimoh O. Segun

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Let’s talk about the right approach website development. Should you hire an expert or do it yourself? That’s a tough question. There are decisions that we make in life that shows how important that thing is to us. Take for an

Basic Security Tips for WordPress Bloggers (eps32)

There are basic security tips every WordPress blogger should know. Failure to know basic precautions to keep your WordPress safe can lead to a hack. The safety of your site and that of your clients should be your number one priority.

blogging is not dead

Blogging is not dead. How to get it right in 2017

If you have ever heard someone describe blogging as the “old fashion way of communication”, then that person is inferring that blogging is dead. 

How to Find a Podcast Niche in 2017 – Samuel Adeoye

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Find a podcast niche in 2017 so you could be heard. The podcasting market is new, however shows are springing up on a daily basis. If you are a podcaster, you should find a podcast niche. Many people have embraced

Backup is Not an Option: 7 Ways to Backup Your Site

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Should you backup your site or not? Backup is not an option. It is a must. Most people hardly talk about backup until disaster occurs. It ought not to be so. When you make plans to set up any website, you should think

Interview: Sefa Tsegha, The Host of the Fruitfulujah Podcast.

I granted an interview to Promise Excel on his blog about Podcasting. I will love you to read it. 🙂

Top 5 Domain Registrars That Makes an Online Entrepreneur’s Life Easier

Have you ever heard the preaching about the best domain registrars to register a domain for your business? You know Internet marketers with their crazy hypes. They make it look like it is the hallmark for online business success. Well in a

The Benefits of a SSL Certficate to Your WordPress Site

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SSL (secure Socket Layer) certificate provides encrypted communication between two computers. A websites with an encrypted communication (https) protects its business, and has the safety of her customers at heart. And, you know customers love that. Learn how to get a free