30 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

30 ways to increase traffic to your website

Wow! How would you feel if you go to bed tonight and wake up tomorrow morning to notice unlimited traffic to your website that you have never seen before?

Good, right?

Well, in this podcast today, I will discuss 30 ways to increase traffic to your website and actually see that dream come true. Read more ›

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Killer Checklist for WordPress

Checklist for WordPress

This is the most comprehensive checklist for WordPress Development that I have ever come across. Not kidding.

It’s perfect.

Remember, it is only a guide to ease your work. You can improve the flow whichever way you want. In any case, it will help you in many ways.

Read more ›

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WordPress Verses HTML Websites

In today’s podcast we will look at WordPress verses HTML websites, that is, sites created using Hypertext Markup Language. We will teach you how to choose a domain name and a hosting company to set up your website. Read more ›

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Why Running a Membership Site is a Good Idea

membership site

Well, have you heard of a membership site? Are you thinking whether it is a good idea for you or your business ? If yes is your answer to the above questions, then I have news for you. This might be the podcast you have waited for to help you make an informed decision in that line.

I have taken the time to answer these questions and more in a very short podcast today. Read more ›

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Why you should use WordPress for eCommerce sites

Building an eCommerce site is the goal of any business person taking their products online. And to do that, you need to choose a suitable platform to meet your needs. I use and recommend WordPress for eCommerce sites to anyone serious about taking their business online. Read more ›

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Interview with Ahura Wesley on the Role of Technology in the Elections

The  elections in Nigeria has come and gone. The dust has settled. As usual, the exercise has left a sour taste of defeat in the mouths of many candidates,  but a sweet taste of victory in the mouths of a few.

All in all, it is the citizens that have won in a democracy.

It was nothing else but a miracle that prevented Nigeria from being engulfed in crises as some predicted it would after the elections. We owe our gratitude to God who rules in the affairs of men for such a peace. Read more ›

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Why You Should Choose a WordPress Blog

choose a wordpress blog

I choose a WordPress blog and started blogging along my business in 2009.  I have grown with WordPress, the platform I use ever since. I knew little about the platform then, but have grown to understand it each passing day.

The learning curve is manageable and the community surrounding the software is active. This is not to say the software does not have its weaknesses. Which platform doesn’t? Read more ›

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WordPress for Beginners – Getting Started

WordPress for Beginners - Getting Started

Today is the last day of the month and my last podcast for the month of May. The topic I am covering today in the Fruitfulujah Podcast is WordPress for beginners – getting started.

  1. Do you like WordPress?
  2. Do you want to know more about WordPress?
  3. Do you want to build a site with the best CMS in the world? (Hey, I stand to be corrected on that 🙂 )

If yes is your answer in all questions, then this podcast is for you.

You will learn the following: Read more ›

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Comparison between WordPress, Drupal and Joomla

I started learning HTML in 2007, and in 2008 I built my first HTML website. It was ugly! Thank you very much. I had satisfaction that I built it myself and was proud of it.

Before I built my first website using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), I used Microsoft Publisher 2003 to set up a website for Read more ›

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How a Podcast is Born [Infographic] – Build your Podcasting Network.

How a Podcast is Born

We launched The Fruitfulujah Podcast this year. It has been a wonderful learning experience. We are taking a media and not marketing approach to content. We always try to spin things around, and this channel of communication is OK.

Though not everyone has welcomed it. But that’s the beauty of generating content on the Internet: there will always be people who would like what you are doing and those who don’t. Get use it. 🙂

So, why am I talking about that now?

Good question! Read more ›

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