Learn WordPress

Build Sites. Make Money.

This introductory course will take anyone (with any level of experience) from knowing nothing about WordPress to knowing enough to get your first website off the ground. It includes everything you’ll need to know to get your first WordPress website up and running!

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10 thoughts on “Learn WordPress”

    1. Thank you Nissi. I am so glad you found this tutorial very helpful. I am working on a private membership area for anyone who wants to learn WordPress deeply. Are you interested?

  1. Mmulega Bartholomew A.

    I just want to say that I like this tutorial, and if you are willing you can teach me how to create a site.

    1. Hi Mmulega!

      Thanks for the comments. I am willing to teach you how to create your website. That is the reason for this videos. If you have a questions, leave them in the comments section.

  2. I am very happy that today I have been opportune to have a little knowledge on what WordPress website design is, because I have been hearing people talking about web design. I ask myself, what is WordPress design? And with this opportunity, I feel that I should be educated on this, so that one day I will design my website.

  3. This indeed a great tutorial that can lead one to become a good web developer. Happy to find this infor that exposed me to the wordpress.

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