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8 Post Types that Drives Traffic to Your Website

You need traffic to your website more than you know. Probably you have heard people talk about making money from their websites and you want to do the same. Well, whether it is through affiliate marking, selling books, offering services,

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Backup is Not an Option: 7 Ways to Backup Your Site

Should you backup your site or not? Backup is not an option. It is a must. Most people hardly talk about backup until disaster occurs. It ought not to be so. When you make plans to set up any website, you should think

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Killer Checklist for WordPress

Checklist for WordPress

This is the most comprehensive checklist for WordPress Development that I have ever come across. Not kidding. It’s perfect. Remember, it is only a guide to ease your work. You can improve the flow whichever way you want. In any case, it

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WordPress Verses HTML Websites

In today’s podcast we will look at WordPress verses HTML websites, that is, sites created using Hypertext Markup Language. We will teach you how to choose a domain name and a hosting company to set up your website.

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Tools You Need to Launch a Successful Website

We are rounding up our series today with a ‘Big Bang’; discussing tools you need to launch a successful website. To launch a successful website you’ll need these tools to accomplish that. This is the fifth lesson in the series How

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Give Your Site Some Time to Season

In today’s episode, I talked about how to give your site some time to season before you launch your website. This is a good technique to use if you intend to launch a site with visitors your very first day.

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How to Launch a Website with Visitors the Very First Day – Intro

How many people want to launch a website with visitors the very first day? Everyone! Yet, many people spend hours or even months designing their perfect website or project, even arguing over web copy… only to launch the perfect, brand new,

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WordPress 3.7 is finally out!

Fruitfulujah Network has been updated to the latest version. You might not notice a thing, and we’re okay with that. According to official statement from WordPress.org, these are some of the changes in the new release: Background Updates Updates While

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