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How did you learn WordPress?

How did  you learn WordPress? WordPress is a software that many online business owners use for building websites. It is no longer news that it powers most of the websites on the Internet today. It is easy to use and

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The Right Approach to Website Development – Jimoh O. Segun

Let’s talk about the right approach website development. Should you hire an expert or do it yourself? That’s a tough question. There are decisions that we make in life that shows how important that thing is to us. Take for an

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Backup is Not an Option: 7 Ways to Backup Your Site

Should you backup your site or not? Backup is not an option. It is a must. Most people hardly talk about backup until disaster occurs. It ought not to be so. When you make plans to set up any website, you should think

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The Benefits of a SSL Certficate to Your WordPress Site

SSL (secure Socket Layer) certificate provides encrypted communication between two computers. A websites with an encrypted communication (https) protects its business, and has the safety of her customers at heart. And, you know customers love that. Learn how to get a free

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WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” is Out!

WordPress 4.4 Responsive Image

WordPress 4.4 code named “Clifford” is out, with a lot of cool features. Some of these features shipped with this new release of the software (WordPress 4.4) are: Responsive Images Embed WordPress Posts Phase One of the REST API Twenty Sixteen

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Edit WP Email Templates in the Customizer

I like to show you how to edit your WordPress Email Templates in the Customizer. The WordPress community made a lot of noise some months ago when the menu was to be merged into the customizer. Now that we have WordPress 4.3

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How to Grow Your Membership Site

how to grow your membership site

Now, you have finally set up your membership site. Good! Where and how can you get members and keep them there? That’s a different task all together. It is serious work to grow your membership site. But the payoffs is huge.

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Is Over Delivering on Membership Sites Important?

Once you have set up your membership site, you begin to wonder how you can keep them there. So, how can you avoid this? Over deliver on your promise to your members on each month. That is the secret. Is

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Understanding Membership Software

Membership site is the trend now and savvy business owners are taking advantage of it.  If you can see, top sites in the industry are creating members only sections on their sites as they tap from this channel of recurrent revenue month

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30 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

30 ways to increase traffic to your website

Wow! How would you feel if you go to bed tonight and wake up tomorrow morning to notice unlimited traffic to your website that you have never seen before? Good, right? Well, in this podcast today, I will discuss 30

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Killer Checklist for WordPress

Checklist for WordPress

This is the most comprehensive checklist for WordPress Development that I have ever come across. Not kidding. It’s perfect. Remember, it is only a guide to ease your work. You can improve the flow whichever way you want. In any case, it

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WordPress Verses HTML Websites

In today’s podcast we will look at WordPress verses HTML websites, that is, sites created using Hypertext Markup Language. We will teach you how to choose a domain name and a hosting company to set up your website.

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